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Gadoon Textile Mills Ltd (GTML) was established in 1988 and came into commercial production in 1990. GTML is located in the Gadoon Amazai Industrial Area, approximately Two-hours drive from the city of Islamabad.

GTML started production by producing Poly/Cotton yarn with 14,400 Spindles but later the Management expanded its production capacity by making huge investments. Over a period of 12 years the GTML capacity has increased to 185,000 Spindles which are producing various types of yarns.

Now Gadoon Textile Mills Ltd is producing the Best Quality Compact_yarn , Murata_Jet_Spinning yarn , Core_Spun_Yarn, besides 100%_Grey_Cotton_Ring_Spun_Yarn, Synthetic_yarn & Poly/Cotton yarns.

Apart from above items, Gadoon Textile Mills Ltd is engaged in the production of Compact Core Spun yarn. Gadoon Textile Mills Ltd. is the first Mill in the world starting production of Compact Core Spun Yarn. Presently, besides GTML, there is only one other mill situated in Italy producing Compact Core Spun Yarn. GTML is producing top grade Compact Core Spun yarn in count Range from Ne 30/1 upto Ne 80/1 with Dupont’s Lycra and the Air Jet Weavers of Pakistan, Far East, Europe and India are enjoying the quality of Gadoon’s Compact Core Spun yarn. Gadoon Textile Mills Ltd. recently received an award for being one of the top 5 buyers of Lycra from Dupont Pakistan.

Initially GTML was using raw cotton of Pakistani origin but now it is producing different varieties of yarn with Pakistani, Chinese, West African, Australian, Egyptian as well as Pima Cotton in Normal and Extra Long Staple in the count range from Ne 6/1 to Ne 140/1 and double of the same counts.

GTML is certified with Oeko-Tex_100 Standards.


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